There are three components to an effective virtual security service:

Some companies offer only one or two of the needed ingredients mentioned above. To maximize the effectiveness of a security plan at a budget friendly rate, BlueTac proudly offers all three.


BlueTac offers three Virtual Security Platforms.

Each of these surveillance platforms can be used as a standalone security solution, or as an economical augmentation of onsite security professionals. They also work in challenging, remote, or large areas, as well as any outdoor environment that has short or long-term security needs.


Each of these surveillance platforms include best-in-class, 24/7, vigilant, active surveillance integrating a combination of cutting-edge equipment, AI, video analysts, and dispatchers.

We record and respond to events in real-time, using deterrence methods such as voice-downs, lights, and alarms to prevent criminal activity or, when necessary, by alerting security (if used in conjunction with on-site guards) or police.

Our highly skilled monitoring team operates out of our in-house, redundant, UL and Five Diamond Certified command center to provide you with fast, responsive, recognition, and reporting service.


Along with any of our three virtual security platforms mentioned above, and our vigilant video monitoring services, BlueTac offers immediate, in-person response.

With an onsite Security Professional, response to monitoring alerts is immediate. It is the best way to complete an effective security plan and prevent or interrupt nefarious activity. However, even if there are no onsite personnel to augment your virtual security platform, BlueTac’s emergency response is likely to arrive long before the limited availability of our respected police force.