BlueTac Virtual Security Guard is a mobile surveillance system that is ideal for challenging and remote areas, and any outdoor environment that has short or long-term security needs.
Unlike a fixed surveillance system, which requires a lot of cabling, Virtual Guard is portable and can be rapidly deployed and installed, often within one business day. Virtual Guards arrive fully configured and simply need to be plugged in and have the cameras adjusted. Virtual Guard provides 24/7 surveillance by a highly trained, in-house team that’s ready to respond to suspicious activity the moment it happens.
Virtual Security Services are a great single security solution in some cases, as well as a cost-effective addition to expand the observable security area when coupled with an onsite security professional. Either way, there are three components to an effective virtual security service:

The right equipment

Effective and alert monitoring service

Immediate, in person response to any alert from that monitoring

Some companies only offer one or two of the needed ingredients mentioned above. BlueTac proudly offers all three to maximize the effectiveness of a security plan at a budget friendly rate.

MOUNTED Virtual Officer

2-3 Cameras

All you need is power

Battery backup option

Sentry solar unit

3-4 Cameras

Solar-powered strobe light

Internet connection built in

Sentry solar Trailer

Solar Powered

Fast and easy to deploy

Loud "talk down" speaker

BlueTac Virtual Security officers include

BlueTac best-in-class, 24/7 video monitoring service. Our highly skilled monitoring team operates out of our in-house, redundant, UL and Five Diamond Certified command center to provide you with fast, responsive service.

BlueTac 5-diamond certified 24/7 monitoring center and monitoring Team

Up to three smart IP cameras

121 decibel bullhorn talk down speakers - our team makes personalized announcements like "you in the red jacket. Leave now or police will be dispatched!"

Adjustable mast up to 140" high on select units

Alarm systems and flashing lights that deter criminals and trespassers

Infrared cameras with range of up to 260' in darkness (range increases with sites artificial lighting at night)

At BlueTac Protection, our primary commitment is to provide unparalleled security solutions that dealers can confidently offer to their customers. We understand the essential need for security, and our cutting-edge products and services are designed with that in mind. Our dealer program promises rapid deployment ensuring your customers’ peace of mind at all times. You and your customers will receive excellent swift and comprehensive support whenever it’s needed. Our competitive rates for dealers enable you to provide the best in class security solutions to your clientele with great returns. With BlueTac Protection, you and your customers are always in safe hands when you partner with BlueTac Protection.

Our mission is to protect our clients. peace of mind by
combining superior people and technology to deliver
the fastest responses, highest quality, and
exceptional service.


Rapid Deployment and Response

Our state-of-the-art security and monitoring systems can be deployed quickly and efficiently.

Our monitoring and guard teams are highly trained to deliver rapid response times.

Our clients see a 6X increase in police response times using


Highly Trained Security Operatives and Leading Security Technology

We hire the best candidates for our remote monitoring and guard services.

We conduct comprehensive and continuous training for all of our employees using our state-of-the-art simulation system.

Our clients see a 6X increase in police response times using


Best-In-Class Customer Service

We design our video monitoring and guard services to meet your security needs.

We are committed to providing you with fast and responsive customer service.

We focus on professionalism at all levels in everything we do.